Publications of in 2002

Markus Holzer and Barbara König. On deterministic finite automata and syntactic monoid size. In R. Mazala, L. Staiger, and R. Winter, editors, 12. Theorietag der GI-Fachgruppe 0.1.5 ``Automaten und Formale Sprachen'' mit dem Workshop Berechenbarkeit und Komplexität in der Analyse, pages 29–31. Institut für Informatik, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany, September 2002.
Barbara König. Hypergraph construction and its application to the static analysis of concurrent systems. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 12:149–175, 2002.
Conference version
Paolo Baldan, Andrea Corradini, and Barbara König. Static analysis of distributed systems with mobility specified by graph grammars—a case study. In H. Ehrig, B. Krämer, and A. Ertas, editors, Proc. of IDPT '02 (Sixth International Conference on Integrated Design & Process Technology). Society for Design and Process Science, 2002.
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Paolo Baldan and Barbara König. Approximating the behaviour of graph transformation systems. In Proc. of ICGT '02 (International Conference on Graph Transformation), pages 14–29. Springer-Verlag, 2002. LNCS 2505.
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